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There is a regular bus service to Katerini and a local train service (3 trains daily in each direction) to Thessaloniki and Larissa where there is an interchange with the main line to Athens. Because Litochoro railway station is about 6 km away from Litochoro and 1 km from nearest bus stop, bus to Katerini is often used to access the train. Taxis are to be found in abundance. For anyone traveling from abroad the best way is to flight to Thessaloniki (preferably) or Athens and then either rent a car to drive to Litochoro or take a bus or train. Driving is very easy and is all on the main highway. Litohoro is 416 Km distant from Athens and 92 Km distant from Thessaloniki.

From Athens or Thessaloniki you can reach Litochoro, Katerini or Larisa by bus (http://www.ktelpierias.gr/) or train (http://www.trainose.gr/) and from there you can travel with the local transport.

By bus:

  • You can travel from Athens by bus. Athens Bus Service (KTEL), (for Pieria Region), Tel.: 210 8317059.
  • You can travel from Thessaloniki by bus. Thessaloniki Bus Service (KTEL ), (for Pieria Region), Tel.: 2310 519101.
  • You can travel from Larisa by bus. Larisa Bus Service (KTEL), (for Pieria Municipality): Tel.: 2410 537773.

Katerini Bus Service (KTEL), : Tel.: 23510 23313, 23510 29317.
Liotchoro Bus Service (KTEL), : Tel.: 23520 81271.

By train:

  • You can travel from Athens by train. Athens Hellenic Railways Organisation (O.S.E.): Tel.: 210 8237741.
  • You can travel from Thessaliniki by train. Thessaloniki Hellenic Railways Organisation (O.S.E.): Tel.: 2310 517517.
  • You can travel from Larisa by train. Larisa Hellenic Railways Organisation (O.S.E.): Tel.: 2410 236250, 2410 590163, 2410 590263.

Katerini Hellenic Railways Organisation (O.S.E.): Tel.: 23510 23709.
Litochoro Hellenic Railways Organisation (O.S.E.): Tel.: 23520-22522