Technical Briefing 2020



Please read the following useful information, which applies specifically to participants in the 2020 race, with special provisions due to the current coronavirus pandemic:

  1. Race packs – bib numbers: You will be able to collect your race pack starting on Friday morning at 10 a.m., and up to the race starting time! No race packs will be given out on Thursday!

  2. Secretariat / Venue: Both at “Lakkos” in Litochoro, just 200 metres from the main square.

  3. Starting times: The list showing starting times for individual runners has already been posted. The race will begin at midnight and the process will be completed in 45 minutes, with one runner starting every 15 seconds. Please note your specific starting time, marked in red writing on your bib. Please do not show up at the start line more than 10 minutes before your start time.

  4. Timing chips: To be worn on your backpack or vest, not on your shoelaces! This is mandated by the organizers; you will not be allowed to start the race if your timing chip is on your shoes!

  5. Bib number: Please wear this on your front, not on your back, to make sure it is visible to the timing volunteers at the checkpoints. Besides your race number, your bib also shows your starting order, your starting time, the emergency telephone number, and the race altitude profile, marked with the race’s aid stations.

  6. Mandatory equipment: The usual mandatory equipment does not apply this year; however, all runners must have a plastic cup or other similar multi-purpose container, as well as a plastic bag (provided) to put their aid station snacks in. Make sure you don’t forget your backpack-vest with your timing chip!

  7. Suggested equipment: Due to the unpredictable weather on Mount Olympus at this time of year, the organizers suggest that you bring a waterproof jacket and a backpack-vest, which will fit things that you would otherwise have to leave out! As well as your jacket, please remember to bring a mobile telephone, a flashlight or head-torch and batteries, water containers, an elastic bandage for injuries and a foil blanket to prevent hypothermia.

  8. Aid stations: You may not approach the tables at aid stations and help yourself. Due to the current circumstances, you will be given everything you need by the aid station volunteers.

  9. Emergency telephone number: +30 6986513613 – this is also marked on your race bib.

  10. Live results: Real-time race results will be posted at, for 20 checkpoints, thus allowing everyone to monitor the progress of the race. Please tell your companions and supporters about this page, because the Secretariat will not be available to provide any further information. Details of runners dropping out of the race will also be posted in real time.

  11. Technical briefing: for health and safety reasons, the technical briefing will take place outdoors on Thursday (at 8 p.m. for non-Greek speakers, 8.30 p.m. for Greek speakers), and will mainly involve answering questions, as most of the details of the race have already been communicated.

  12. Weather: The news about the weather is not great at the moment, with thunderstorms almost certainly expected from late Saturday morning up to the end of the race on Sunday morning! The quantity of rain expected, however, does not give rise to concern, so we anticipate that the race will go ahead without interruption. Mind your equipment! At altitudes above 2500 metres, the weather is always extreme and unpredictable, and cannot be compared to the weather at lower altitudes.

  13. Cut-offs: Unless it becomes necessary to interrupt the race due to extreme weather conditions, the interim cut-off times are: 8 hours at Oropedio (K-26) and 19 hours at Aigiannis (K-73). These times refer each runner’s net time in the race, as documented by the starting time marked on their bib. Cases of runners who started late due to their own negligence will not be examined!

  14. Water: Safe, potable running water is available at the following points in the race: Km 7 – 10 – 13 – 46 – 51 – 68 – 69 – 73 – 91 – 96 – 97 – 103. It might seem that there is water throughout the course, but please note that major distances may divide one water point from the other, e.g. km 13 to km 46 (33 km apart). In general, when running in the summer and at high altitude, as is the case here, you will need a lot of water. It goes without saying that you may drink the quantity of water you are entitled to at the aid stations. In general, Olympus is an arid mountain in the higher sections, but also lower down.

  15. Pacers: Persons not entered in the race may not accompany the runners. No pacers are allowed in Olympus Mythical Trail. Runners doing the race jointly must both have bib numbers, otherwise this will be considered as unfair competition!

  16. Route signposting: The main signposting includes red and white markings on trees and rocks (trees at lower altitudes, rocks in the alpine zone). Other than the main signposting, you will also see other marks, such as small reflective signs that are useful in the dark as they reflect torchlight, the usual red-and-white tape tied to tree branches at crossroads and other crucial points, and small plastic M signs nailed to tree trunks.

  17. Social distancing: Please maintain social distancing to prevent the spread of coronavirus by carriers who don’t have any symptoms and cannot therefore be identified!

  18. Litter: Please don’t leave your litter on the tracks, it is an insult to the sport and to your fellow athletes. Every year, we find more and more energy gel packages on the route. This shows that the more competitive the event becomes, the less ethical its participants; this makes us very sad but we can do little more than impose penalties.

  19. Missed checkpoints: Missing checkpoints entails a penalty of one hour added to your finishing time for each checkpoint, so please pay attention. Particular attention should be paid to “Skolio” checkpoint, which requires athletes to reach the exact summit and not bypass it. Passing even a few metres below the summit means missing the checkpoint and a penalty of one hour!

  20. Finishing times: These will be determined by the timing software used for the race. No personal calculations or finishing times from individual watches will be taken into consideration! Therefore no objections raised by participants will be accepted!

  21. Hiking poles: These are allowed from the beginning of the race! You can pick them up or drop them off wherever you want, if you have a support team, or leave them with your drop-bag.

  22. Drop-bag: Your drop-bag (provided) will be waiting for you at Aigiannis aid station (K-73). You may drop it off at the Secretariat before the race starts; it will be taken to Aigiannis by the organizers, and brought back to Litochoro after the race.

  23. Transportation: In case of an injury, transfer to Litochoro or to hospital will be provided by the responsible entity (Organizers, Rescue Team, Emergency Services, Mountain Rescue), but all expenses shall be charged to the injured party! Our association is not a government service, and cannot be charged with expenses for which it is not liable!

  24. Drop-outs and Cut-offs: Due to the pandemic, runners who drop out of the race or are cut off CANNOT be transported by the organizers, for health & safety reasons. A taxi will be called to transfer you to Litochoro, at your own expense