“Salewa Olympus Mythical Trail”, a new era for the Ultra Human Race!

“Olympus Mythical Trail” has turned over a new leaf in its history, thanks to a strategic partnership with Salewa, the pure mountain company! We are convinced that this new sponsorship collaboration will provide a further boost for our race, which has already expanded its reputation in the international Ultra-Trail world.

Salewa, a global brand today, has been building reliable equipment since 1935 and enjoys the trust of the mountaineering community.  Now Salewa is transferring decades’ worth of experience and know-how, to the world of trail running. This is where it crossed paths with Olympus Mythical Trail, and decided to support our own path to the future, starting this summer.  Thus, the “human race” will take its first steps as the “Salewa Olympus Mythical Trail” this June, with the valuable assistance of a mountain equipment leader. Now, our event can focus on the prospects opening up before it, confident in the support offered by this common route.

We thank Salewa for placing its trust in Olympus Mythical Trail and hope that all of its expectations from this collaboration will be met. Moreover, we would like to assure our friends and runners that we will continue to prepare exciting journeys for them on Mount Olympus, with the same passion and dedication as always!

The organizers  

Litochoro, 12.03.2018