Mythical-2017, New mandatory equipment!

Starting 2017 the regulation for the mandatory equipment for Olympus Mythical Trail race is amended with the addition of several items to only a waterproof jacket. The change arose out of necessity after the experience of the previous five events and the several severe mishandlings of the race conditions by the athletes. The expanded list of mandatory equipment has been included in the updated version of the race regulations for several months and is outlined below to make everyone aware of the requirements.
Items will be checked at Pigadi Aid Station (88km), each missing item is an 1-hour penalty


1. Waterproof / Windproof Jacket: With wrist-long sleeves
2. Backpack: Minimum 8 liters, with shoulder straps. Must be brought to the Registration Desk to attach the control punch card
3. Spare shirt: can by either long or short sleeved and of any material
4. Head torch with spare batteries. Hand-held torches are not acceptable!
5. Space blanket
6. Water bottle of any kind (bladder, flask, bottle) for a total capacity of 0.7 liters, It is not compulsory to have it always filled up.
7. Water cup for drinking at aid stations
8.Elastic first aid band
9. Mobile phone
10. Gloves
11. Bib number (as provided)
12. Control punch card, attached to the backpack at the Registration Desk before the race

For each item missing from the mandatory equipment list there will be imposed a penalty of one hour to the finishing time. If the space blanket or the elastic bag has been used it should be kept as is in the backpack as proof. If for any reason an item is lost the penalty still applies.
If the punch card is not provided at the checkpoint it will result in a three (3) hour penalty. Also, for each missing punched hole in the punch card (out of 6) a one hour time penalty will be imposed. All time penalties imposed on the athlete are added to the athlete’s final performance up to the point of being equivalent to DNF (Did not finish) if the grand total of his race time plus the penalties exceeds 28 hours.