OMT qualification for “Western States”

Olympus Mythical Trail (OMT) will be one of the qualifying races for the iconic Western States Endurance Run 100 Miles (WSER). As stated by John Medinger, the president of WSER  in the rationale for their decision, amongst other necessary conditions and quality criteria it could not be overlooked that Greece, the birthplace of the first ultra-runner Phidippides should have a presence in the qualification races of the world first 100-miler. It is an honor for OMT to be a qualifying race for the world's oldest and most prestigious trail race. The WSER officially started as a running race in 1977, the first trail 100-miler in the world and is still to today a premier event drawing thousands of aspirants for the limited number of available spots. This year, athletes all finishers under the 28-hour cutoff of OMT will be eligible for inclusion in the WSER draw for the upcoming year 2018